Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve for Internally Coated Steel Pipes

Insert Sleeve
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Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited manufactures Insert sleeve also known as pipe sleeve in sizes from 2” to 72”. Reliable markets its product with the trademark name RELI-SLEEVE. RELI-SLEEVE specializes in manufacturing custom made pipe sleeve/insert sleeve which can be used in place of reducers to join to different diameter pipes.

The Reli-Sleeve is designed to protect the girth weld area from corrosion & also to provide 100% internally coated pipeline. Internally coated steel pipes suffer a major drawback of corrosion at the girth weld area. Until recent years internal coated pipelines were not much in use due to the uncoated portion of the girth-weld area. The insert sleeve offers a homogenous coating internally and also protects the girth weld area from corrosion.

The insert sleeve/pipe sleeve have a major advantage due to its easy-fabrication and fast assembly. There are many alternative solutions available in the market to protect the girth weld area from corrosion but are very expensive and require complex robotics technology. Protecting the girth-weld area from corrosion through such complex robotics is not only very expensive but also time consuming. The complexity of the job is also limited to larger sizes. Insert sleeve/ pipe sleeve are the only resource for fast assembly & cheaper solution for protecting the girth-weld from corrosion in stainless steel, carbon steel & other steel pipes also they possess an advantage of their size range which is suitable for sizes up to 2 inch also. Pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve do not require any special equipment for installation and are a cheaper resource as transportation of the sleeve is an easy process.

Pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve are used for various industries & applications. Few of the them are mentioned below.

Applications: -
  • Injection and re-injection
  • Crude oil gathering
  • Highly corrosive gas piping
  • Potable & Waste Water
  • Jet Fuel transfer
  • Fire Water & Salt Water piping
Size :

Min 60.3 mm OD pipe to 1828.8 mm OD.

Grade :
  1. API 5L PSL 1 & PSL 2 (Gr B to X 80)
  2. ASTM A53
  3. ASTM A106
  4. ASTM A333
  5. ASTM A36
  6. ASTM A516 CL 60, CL 65, CL 70
  7. ASTM A671
  8. ASTM A672
  9. ASTM A691
  10. ASTM A312
  11. ASTM A358
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