Field Joint Coating


What are the Coatings ?

They are applied to change substrate properties (corrosion resistance, abrasion, adhesion, conductivity, etc.) materials Technologies:

Liquids Epoxy Phenolic - Epoxy Urethanes
Powder FBE (Fusion Bonded Epoxy) - Fluoro Polymers - Nylon
Others Ceramic, Chemical deposition


Why Coated Internally ?

  • Surface Preparation
  • Application controlled conditions (% RH, ° T)


Why Coated Internally ?

  • It is providing constant protection against corrosion and abrasion caused by the fluid through a uniform physical barrier.
  • Prevents corrosion of the material throughout the cycle, storage, commissioning, operation and stops.
  • Increases the production rate.
  • Control of deposition of paraffins, asphaltenes and fouling materials.
  • Improved hydraulic system efficiency (reduction of friction coefficient) thus increasing the transport capacity of the system fluid.
  • Lower production costs by pumping (investment pays for itself in less than three years).
  • Reduced maintenance costs (pigging and inhibitors).

Advantages of Internal Coatings

    • It represents lower investment costs compared with steel alloys greater

    Alloy Steel Cost Driver
    Naked Carbon Steel 100 % (base cost)
    Carbon Steel Lining 150 %
    Stainless Steel 316L 600 %
    Stainless Steel 904L 900 %
    Inconel 625 1800 %
    Inconel 825 2200 %


    • You can use pipes and fittings smaller thicknesses (Schedules), since it is not necessary to design with safety margins lost by corrosion.
    • It facilitates inspection and commissioning.
    • Extends the life of the material.
    • Different coatings for different applications and operating conditions.
    • Quick return on investment.

    So what is the FBE

    It is an epoxy powder coating adhesion by fusion (Fusion Bonded Epoxy - FBE)., industry standard, environmentally safe, heat-stable, and widely used as corrosion protection of pipe and fittings 
    system FBE coating consists of applying a resin termodirigída, applied in thicknesses of 400 -. 600 microns on the surface 
    Epoy The film exhibits an extremely hard and smooth surface with excellent adhesion to the steel surface, excellent chemical resistance, high strength the efforts of the terrain making it a lasting and reliable coating.


    The FBE anticorrosion coating is widely used for the protection of pipes, fittings and equipment steel transmission and distribution networks of the oil products sector. 
    Likewise it has wide application in other sectors such as mining, agribusiness, construction, etc.


    Advantages of Using Internal Coatings FUSION BONDED EPOXY (FBE)

    • Durability and high performance under different conditions (proven over 50 years) 
    • It works perfectly with cathodic protection systems
    • Film with high density of links (high cross-linked film)
    • High impact resistance
    • High abrasion resistance
    • High flexibility
    • Short times of application and curing
    • Environmentally friendly (does not contain VOC)


    Abrasive Characterization

    • Fineness
    • Hardness
    • Density
    • Specific Gravity
    • Conductivity

    Surface Preparation

    • Measurement of environmental conditions (T °, RH, dew point)
    • Anchoring profile
    • Sales in quantifying Substrate
    • Readiness Assessment: Brush Off, Commercial, Near White Metal, Metal White, Manual, Mechanic


    Visual Inspection Measuring wet film Experosres
    Measurement of Dry Film Thickness Measuring Adhesion Pull Off
    Measurement of Adhesion to Steel Adherence Measurement First
    Adherence measurement of Existing Coating Adhesion Measurement Tangential
    Measurement Method Tape Adhesion Adhesion Measuring Tape to Tape
    Hardness Test Impact Resistance
    Abrasion Resistance Flexural Strength
    Tensile Strength Penetration Resistance
    Thermal Resistance Chemical Resistance
    Electrical detection of Discontinuities (Holiday High and Low) Porosity of the coating
    Flexibility Cathodic disbondment
    Performance Assessment Salina House Performance Assessment humid chamber


    All tests were conducted under ASTM, SSPC, CSA, NACE, ISO standards, among others.


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    • We have International Experience
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