Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve for Internally Coated Steel Pipes

Pipe Sleeve - Reli Sleeve

Reliable Pipes & Tubes Limited manufactures Insert sleeve also known as pipe sleeve in sizes from 2” to 72”. Reliable markets its product with the trademark name RELI-SLEEVE. RELI-SLEEVE specializes in manufacturing custom made pipe sleeve/insert sleeve which can be used in place of reducers to join to different diameter pipes.

The Reli-Sleeve is designed to protect the girth weld area from corrosion & also to provide 100% internally coated pipeline. Internally coated steel pipes suffer a major drawback of corrosion at the girth weld area. Until recent years internal coated pipelines were not much in use due to the uncoated portion of the girth-weld area. The insert sleeve offers a homogenous coating internally and also protects the girth weld area from corrosion.

The insert sleeve/pipe sleeve have a major advantage due to its easy-fabrication and fast assembly. There are many alternative solutions available in the market to protect the girth weld area from corrosion but are very expensive and require complex robotics technology. Protecting the girth-weld area from corrosion through such complex robotics is not only very expensive but also time consuming. The complexity of the job is also limited to larger sizes. Insert sleeve/ pipe sleeve are the only resource for fast assembly & cheaper solution for protecting the girth-weld from corrosion in stainless steel, carbon steel & other steel pipes also they possess an advantage of their size range which is suitable for sizes up to 2 inch also. Pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve do not require any special equipment for installation and are a cheaper resource as transportation of the sleeve is an easy process.

Pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve are used for various industries & applications. Few of the them are mentioned below.

Applications: -
  • Injection and re-injection
  • Crude oil gathering
  • Highly corrosive gas piping
  • Potable & Waste Water
  • Jet Fuel transfer
  • Fire Water & Salt Water piping
  • Reffusal water line
  • Offshore water injection line
  • Water injection line
  • Water supply pipeline
  • Tubular material collection
  • Gas application
  • Transport formation water
  • Re-injection lines
  • Very aggressive water disposal system
  • Potable water
  • Desalinated supply water for growth
  • Water Pipe
  • Refinery & Petrochemical Project
  • Pipeline Replacement Project
  • Sealine Replacement Project
  • Offshore Pipeline Replacement Project
Size :

Min 60.3 mm OD pipe to 1828.8 mm OD.

Grade :
  1. API 5L PSL 1 & PSL 2 (Gr B to X 80)
  2. ASTM A53
  3. ASTM A106
  4. ASTM A333
  5. ASTM A36
  6. ASTM A516 CL 60, CL 65, CL 70
  7. ASTM A671
  8. ASTM A672
  9. ASTM A691
  10. ASTM A312
  11. ASTM A358



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  • Extensive experience in coatings 
  • Solid Infrastructure
  • Automated processes 
  • We have International Experience
  • Exclusive and registered designs
  • Advice on the selection of coatings according to the application
  • Guaranteed Products and Services
  • Short response time
  • Development of turnkey projects and special project
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Problem Solver:

  • During the welding process, heat generated within the pipe will burn back the internal plastic coating approximately 1-2 inches from the welding seam. This sleeves and fittings are designed to isolate the burn-back of the coating and protect the steel substrate.
    1. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves can be manufactured in both stainless steel & carbon steel in any grade as per customer requirement.
    2. Applicable to a wide variety of pipeline systems both onshore as well as offshore pipeline systems.
    3. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves can be custom fabricated as per the line pipe.
    4. The field joint can be X-Rayed 100%.
    5. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves can be coated with any liquid or powder coatings.
    6. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves are custom fabricated to cover the cut-back portion of the internal coated pipe.
    7. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves have an advantage of easy manufacturing & can be manufactured along with the pipeline where it has to be installed which saves a lot of time as compared to complex robotics technology where the work can proceed only after the welding process of the pipe is complete.
    8. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves does not require any special equipment’s or training.
    9. Mastic forms a smooth surface at the sleeve edge & form a insulation barrier to obstruct flow of the pipeline material between the pipe & sleeve.
    1. NACE TM 0186 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of 10-30 Mils Dry Film Thickness
    2. NACE TM 0384 - Holiday Detection of Internal Tubular Coatings of Less Than 10 Mils Dry Film Thickness
    3. NACE: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.
    4. ASTM: American Society for Testing Materials
    5. ASTM – Iron & Steel Products
    6. ASME Section IX
    7. API: American Petroleum Institute
    8. API 5L - Specification for Line Pipe
    9. API 1104/ANSI 1331.3 - The procedure and quality of radiography examination limits of acceptability, repair and removal of defects etc
    10. NACE No. 1 / SSPC-SP5 - White Metal Blasting
    11. SSPC: Steel Structures Painting Council.
    12. NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156 - Materials for use in H2S containing Environment in oil and gas production.
    13. NACE SP 0188 - Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of Protective Coatings
    14. SSPC-V1S1 - Visual standard for Abrasive blast cleaned steel
Testing’s: -

INSERT SLEEVES can be tested according to various environments and conditions of usage. The tests vary from application to application & each client’s specification. The general tests which can be carried out guaranteeing the reliability of the material & its application are listed below.

    1. Autoclave Test Method.
    2. Knife Test.
    3. Cathodic Disbonding Resistance.
    4. Chemical Resistance Test.
    5. Flexibility Test.
    6. Hot Water Test.
    7. Resistance to gas pressure variations
    8. Shear Testing
    9. Combined Load Testing (Static Pressure, Bending & Cyclic Pressure)
    10. Static Pressure Test
    11. Adhesion Testing of Coated Sleeves
    12. Post Mortem Inspection of Shear Testing
    13. Chemical composition
    14. Mechanical Test
    15. Hardness Test
    16. Profile Test
    17. Visual Inspection
    18. DFT test
    19. Adhesion Tests
    20. 100% Holiday Tests
    21. Curing Test

The internal coated pipelines increase the life span of the pipeline by saving the pipeline from corrosion. Pipe Sleeves / Insert Sleeves are coated with the same material as the pipe and the coating is applied with the same technology as the pipe coating (including high temperature baking) the whole pipeline is fitted with a uniform coating film of the same high quality and performance. Any other coating applied at the welding seam area after pipe welding which is cured at ambient temperature creates a pipeline with serious problematic zones. 
Hence the pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve has to be coated with the same coating as the pipeline. Some of the most common coatings used are listed below depending upon the following factors:-

    1. The fluid or gas passing through the pipeline.
    2. Minimum & maximum operating temperature.
    3. Velocity of the material flowing through the pipeline.
    4. Minimum & maximum Operating pressure.

The coatings that are generally used to coat pipe sleeve/ insert sleeve are as below:-

    Coating Brief Information
    3M Scotchkote 134 FBE Water and Wastewater Application
    3M Scotchkote 345 Liquid Phenolic Primer
    3M Scotchkote XC 6171 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
    7409 PhenGuard 930
    Resistance to a wide range of organic acids, alchol, edible oils, fats & solvents
    7435 PhenGuard 935 Good resistance to hot water
    7436 PhenGuard 940 Tank coating system for Chemical tankers
    7497 SigmaLine 2000 To metal for pipe externals
    Enviroline 405HT Process vessels and tanks operating at high temperature
    Hempadur 85671 Water and chemical resistance
    Interline 850 To provide corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks
    Intertherm 228 provide a corrosion resistant barrier
    Interzone 954 Cathodic disbondment resistance
    Plasite 7159 PDS 1-07 water-resistant epoxy coating polymerized with a polyamine type curing agent.
    Plasite 7159 High abrasion resistant version
    Sigmashield 1200 Water hull of ice going & ice breaking vessels
    Corvel 10-6051 Used at elevated temperature and pressure in drill pipe, production tubing, valves and fittings


Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve used for :

    Insert Sleeve / Pipe Sleeve for Internally Coated Steel Pipes

    The Sleeve is inserted into the end of an internally coated pipeline. A second internally coated pipe is then slipped over the protruding half of the Sleeve so that both ends of the pipes touch the weld nubs. The fitting weld numbs ensure proper spacing for the final welding process.

    The Sleeve installation is completed with a simple welding procedure that will provide a 100% internally coated pipe. The Sleeve is the most simplistic and efficient method to provide full corrosion protection for all internally coated pipeline systems

    Stainless Steel Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve for Prevention of Stress Corrosion Cracking

    The Pipe/Insert Sleeve and weld band can be manufactured from stainless steel tubing using the same materials as the destination pipeline. Using the same pipeline materials eliminates the traditional problems caused by welding dissimilar metals. Additionally, the Stainless Steel Sleeve reduces potential stress corrosion cracking in the weld area.

    Standard weld procedures for the specific grade of stainless steel pipeline may be used to weld the Stainless Steel Sleeve into place. Specific o-rings are selected to provide the best long-term performance for the individual pipeline application.

    Pipe Sleeve / Insert Sleeve for Cement & Mortar Line Pipes

    The Sleeve can be manufactured to provide weld area protection for cement and mortar lined pipelines. The Sleeve is manufactured to the same thickness of the pipe lining. The result is a pipeline that does not have an I.D. restriction and has eliminated the traditional damage and loss of material durability caused by extreme heat introduced by a hydraulic set.

    The cement sleeve offers the same weld area protection as the standard pipe / insert sleeve installed in thin film coating pipelines. The cement Sleeve uses a multiple system and removable spacer nubs to ensure proper weld area spacing.

    Unlike the tapered ends of the standard CC Sleeve, the cement sleeve designed for mortar lined pipes is squared on the ends. The pipeline mortar is blanked off two inches from the end of the pipleine.

    Purpose and Application

    Bush "oil" - a product intended for corrosion protection of internal weld. Bush "oil" is used when connecting pipes (fittings) with an internal anti-corrosion coating in transporting oil and gas mixture, water harvesting and other harsh environment applications.