Technical Specification

Following are some of the technical specification used for pipe / insert sleeve coatings.

Coating Brief Information Download pdf
3M Scotchkote 134 FBE Water and Wastewater Application
3M Scotckote 134 FBE
3M Scotchkote 345 Liquid Phenolic Primer
3M Scotchkote 345
3M Scotchkote XC 6171 Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating
3M Scotchkote XC 6171
7409 PhenGuard 930
Resistance to a wide range of organic acids, alchol, edible oils, fats & solvents
7409 PhenGuard 930
7435 PhenGuard 935 Good resistance to hot water
7435 PhenGuard 935
7436 PhenGuard 940 Tank coating system for Chemical tankers
7436 PhenGuard 940
7497 SigmaLine 2000 To metal for pipe externals
7497 SigmaLine 2000
Enviroline 405HT Process vessels and tanks operating at high temperature
Enviroline 405HT
Hempadur 85671 Water and chemical resistance
Hempadur 85671
Interline 850 To provide corrosion protection for the internals of steel storage tanks
Interline 850
Intertherm 228 provide a corrosion resistant barrier
Intertherm 228
Interzone 954 Cathodic disbondment resistance
Interzone 954
Plasite 7159 PDS 1-07 water-resistant epoxy coating polymerized with a polyamine type curing agent.
Plasite 7159 PDS 1-07
Plasite 7159 High abrasion resistant version
Plasite 7159
Sigmashield 1200 Water hull of ice going & ice breaking vessels
Sigmashield 1200
Corvel 10-6051 Used at elevated temperature and pressure in drill pipe, production tubing, valves and fittings
Corvel 10-6051
Corvel 10-8158 is a melt-mixed, 100% solids thermosetting epoxy powder coating designed for coating the internal surface of pipe for use in the secondary recovery of oil.
Corvel 10-8158
Corvel EP-10 Primer IP-0010 is a phenolic based-liquid coating designed for priming the inside of steel pipes prior to the application of high performance Resicoat® FBE powder coating.
Corvel EP-10 Primer IP-0010
R4-ES HKF47R R4-ES HKF47R is a spray applied Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating designed for corrosion protection of earth-laid valves and fittings, hydrants, pumps and pipe drains.
Corvel 7P-0200 Primer phenolic based liquid coating which provides excellent adhesion of fusion applied Resicoat® nylon powder coatings to ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces.
Corvel 7P-0200 Primer
Pipe Internal Products AkzoNobel Resicoat Pipe Internal Products
CorPipe Internal Products
702G Internal Pipe Coating System 702G is a thermosetting epoxy powder coating engineered for use inside pipelines. It is typically applied over phenolic primers such as Valspar Pipeclad HXR0015.
Corvel 7P-0200 Primer
Pipe Clad Phenolic Primer HXR0015 is engineered to be applied as a universal primer on steel surfaces for interior pipeline coatings. It is compatible with fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) powder coatings, phenolic and phenolic/epoxy liquid coatings for applications on drill pipe, lined pipe and downhole tubing.
Pipe Clad Phenolic Primer HXR0015
Hempadur Multi-Strength 35530 is a solvent-free, two-component, high-build, polyamine cured epoxy paint, which cures to a coating with good resistance to fresh water, sea water, crude oil, and to
Hempadur Multi-Strength 35530
RAM - 100 RAM - 100
Hempadur Multi-Strength 35530
Sigma Novaguard 840 Two-component, solvent-free, amine-cured novolac phenolic epoxy coating.
Sigma Novaguard 840
Hempel's Curing Agent 97371 It is used in Metal Industries, Ships and Shipyards, Industrial applications used by spraying.
Hempadur Multi-Strength 35530
Hempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 HEMPADUR MULTI-STRENGTH GF 35870 is an amine-adduct cured epoxy coating - the product is reinforced with Glassflakes. It is a hard, impact and abrasion resistant coating with good resistance to sea water, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons and splashes from petrol and related products.Suitable for early water exposure and will continue to cure under water.
Hempadur MHempadur Multi-Strength GF 35870 - Heavy Duty Solvent Less Type Epoxy co

SSPC - The Society for Protactive Coating

SSPC Brief Information Download PDF
SSPC AB 1 Mineral and Slag Abrasives
SSPC AB 2 Cleanliness of Recycled Ferrous Mettalic Abrasives
SSPC AB 3 Newly Manufactured or Re-Manufactured Steel Abrasives
SSPC PA 1 Shop, Field, and Maintenance Painting of Steel
SSPC PA 2 Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness with MagneticG ages
SSPC PS GUIDE 1 Guide for selecting Oil Base Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 2 Guide for selecting Alkyd Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 3 Guide for selecting Phenolic Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 4 Guide for selecting Vinyl Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 7 Guide for selecting One-Coat Shop Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 8 Guide for Topcoating Zinc-Rich Primers
SSPC PS GUIDE 12 Guide Zinc-Rich Coating Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 15 Guide for selecting Chlorinated Rubber Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 17 Guide for selecting Urethane Painting Systems
SSPC PS GUIDE 19 Guide for selecting Painting Systems for Ship Buttoms
SSPC PS GUIDE 20 Guide for selecting Painting Systems for Boottoppings
SSPC PS GUIDE 21 Guide for selecting Painting Systems for Topsides
SSPC SP 1 Solvent Cleaning
SSPC SP 2 Hand Tool Cleaning
SSPC SP 3 Power Tool Cleaning
SSPC SP 5 White Metal Blast Cleaning
SSPC SP 6 Commercial Blast Cleaning
SSPC SP 7 Brush-off Blast Cleaning
SSPC SP 8 Pickling
SSPC SP 10 Near-White Blast Cleaning
SSPC SP 11 Power Tool Cleaning to Bear Metal
SSPC SP 12 Surface Preparation and Cleaning of Steel and Other Hard Materials by High- and Ultrahigh-Pressure Water Jetting Prior to Recoating
SSPC SP 13 Surface Preparation of Concrete


National & International Standard

Standard Brief Information Download PDF
Nace Standard RP0274 High-Voltage Electrical Inspection of
Pipeline Coatings
Nace Std-RP0274
In-Situ Internal Epoxy Coating In-Situ Epoxy Coating For Metallic Pipe
Insitu-Internal Epoxy Coating
ASTM D-2240 Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Durometer Hardness
ASTM D-2240
Liquid Epoxy Coating Pipeline Liquid epoxy coatings for today’s pipeline coating
Liquid Epoxy Coating Pipeline
Nace RP0188-2009 Discontinuity (Holiday) Testing of New Protective Coatings on Conductive Substrates
Nace RP0188-2009
SP0106-2006-Internal Corrosion Control of Internal Corrosion in Steel Pipelines
and Piping Systems
SP0106-2006-Internal Corrosion
SSPC - AB3 For newly manufactured steel abrasive or re-manufactured steel abrasive for use in surface preparation by blast cleaning
Nace RP-0287-2002 Surface Profile Field Measurement of Surface Profile of Abrasive
Blast-Cleaned Steel Surfaces Using a Replica Tape
Nace RP-0287-2002 Surface Coating
Internal Epoxy Coating for Pipelines the minimum requirements for internal flow coating of pipelines, with epoxy based material.
Internal Epoxy Coating for Pipelines
D4285 Standard Test Method for
Indicating Oil or Water in Compressed Air
Nace 0175 Metals for Sulfide Stress Cracking and Stress Corrosion Cracking Resistance in Sour Oilfield Environments
Nace 0175
RP-018194 Liquid-applied internal protective Coatings for Oilfield Production Equipment
C686 Parting Strength of Mineral Fiber Batt- and Blanket-Type
NABL-104 The specific criteria requirements for an electrical testing
laboratory, in addition to the general requirements of ISO/ IEC 17025: 2005.
NABL 104
Nace No 1 SSPC SP5 White Metal Blast Cleaning
NABL 104
Nace No 2 SSPC SP10 Near White Metal Blast Cleaning
NABL 104
Nace No 3 SSPC SP6 Commercial Blast Cleaning
NABL 104
Nace No 4 SSPC SP7 Brush-Off Blast Cleaning
NABL 104
Nace No 5 SSPC SP12 Surface Preparation and Cleaning of Metals by Waterjetting Prior to Recoating
NABL 104
Nace No 6 SSPC SP13 Surface Preparation of Concrete
NABL 104
Nace No 8 SSPC SP14 Industrial Blast Cleaning
NABL 104
Nace No 10 SSPC PA6 Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Linings Applied to Bottoms of Carbon Steel Above ground Storage Tanks
NABL 104
Nace No 11 SSPC PA8 Thin-Film Organic Linings Applied in New Carbon Steel Process Vessels
NABL 104
Nace No 12 AWS C2.23M SSPC CS23 Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel
NABL 104



This Section designates the requirements for steel pipe fabrication, test in shop, installation of steel pipe, fabrication of steel sheet or plate, mill-manufactured steel pipe, bends, special pipes with outlets, pass holes, flanges and all other fittings.

Reference Standard

AWWA C200 Steel Water Pipe 6-inches and larger
AWWA C205 Cement-mortar protective lining and coating
AWWA C207 Steel Pipe Flanges
AWWA C210 Coal-tar epoxy coating system for interior and exterior of steel water pipelines
AWWA C213 Fusion-Bonded epoxy coating for the interior and exterior of steel water pipelines
AWS Standard Qualification Procedure for Manual Welding Operators
ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code


American Water Works Association - ANSI / AWWA C205-89

ANSI / AWWA C205-89 AWWA Standard for Cement-Mortar Lining and Coating for Steel Water Pipe - 4 IN. and Larger - Shop Applied.