Reli Sleeve - Manufacturer of Pipe Sleeve, Exporter of Pipe Sleeve, Internal Coated Pipe Sleeve, CC Sleeve

Only Manufacturer of Internally Coated Pipe / Insert Sleeve in India

We are the only Company to Produce Internally Coated Pipe Sleeve upto 72 inch OD

About Us

RELI SLEEVE, is a part of Reliable Group of Companies serving Oil & Gas, Petro Chemical and various other industries from last 40 years.

Pipe / Insert Sleeve

Pipe / Insert Sleeve-To protect the coating during welding. It is an alternative solution to expensive weld line coating through robotics..

Insert / Pipe Sleeve

The Insert Sleeve is designed to isolate the portion of an internally coated pipe destroyed by the heat from the welding process.

Internal Pipeline Coating

Internal Pipe Coating have been designed to protect the internal surfaces of (steel) pipe against corrosion as well as provide....